Why I am Running For NH State Representative

by Beverly Woods

I am running because I think there is room for improvement in the way we run things on the state level. I am running because in these challenging economic times there are difficult choices to be made about the next budget, and I want to see those decisions made by someone who cares about the present and the future of every child, every adult, every family and each community in this district.

I want to be that state representative for you, a state representative who listens, a state representative who works with everyone to make our area and our state a place where we can all thrive.

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1956, the oldest of four girls. I spent much of my childhood in small towns along the Fox River in Illinois. I first moved to NH in 1972 to attend college. I fell in love with the state the minute I arrived. I’ve lived in NH full time since 1984, and in Ossipee and Wolfeboro since 1997.

In the course of making a life here, I’ve done a lot of things. One summer I worked construction on Rt. 93. (I was the first woman hired by that crew.) I have done remodeling and carpentry and built musical instruments, sewn clothing, worked in a soy products factory, and worked as a cashier. I worked as a VISTA volunteer and ran an Adult Education office, where I helped a lot of people get their GED. I have taught classes in the creative process. I built a house out of insulated masonry and ran it on solar electricity. I homeschooled my daughter.

Currently, I work as a musician and music teacher. I also fix computers, and I run websites for many small businesses and nonprofits in this area. In the course of my work I interact daily with parents, children, business owners, and those who are working to make our communities better.

I’ve also worked for the betterment of the communities in which I live. I was very impressed with the economic revitalization the Main Street program was able to accomplish in many towns around the state, so when I heard that a group of people planned to apply to make Center Ossipee a Main Street community, I signed on as a volunteer and helped make our successful application. I then served three years as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Ossipee Revitalization Group, working to improve the livability and economic conditions of the town. If you visit Ossipee today you can see the difference, and I am proud of the work so many citizens continue to contribute to that effort.

We need more economic revitalization, bringing many more good jobs to our area of the state, and I look forward to being a part of that effort. For starters, one thing that everyone can do is to buy from local small businesses, wherever and whenever possible. A dollar spent in a locally owned business puts far more cash back into the local economy than a dollar spent elsewhere.

Like many self employed people in this area, I have to be very careful with money, and I am dedicated to making sure that the dollars that are spent on the state level are spent in the most efficient and effective ways possible. I look forward to hearing your ideas as to how we can live within our means while accomplishing our common goals. Proposed budget cuts need to be examined to make sure they really save money when all factors are considered.

I am dealing with the same issues faced by many of you. If times are tough, I have to work harder to earn a living. If taxes go up, my budget will be squeezed along with yours. If services available for the elderly and disabled are less than optimal, I’ll be dealing with that in my own life. If you’re finding it challenging to make ends meet - I understand that from my own experience.

In the midst of all this, why would I want to take on the additional responsibilities of being a state representative? I’m certainly not in this race for the salary, which is $100 a year.

The reason I am running is that I believe this is true: We need to be the change we wish to see in the world. I realized I could not wait for the candidate who shares my experience and my values to come forward.

It is time for this district to be represented by someone who shares the circumstances experienced by most people who live here. I am willing to do what it takes to work for and win this election and serve in the NH House, for the people of this area and for the future of New Hampshire. Will you join me in making it happen?

produced in-house with volunteer labor by Beverly Woods for NH State Representative