Local Candidates Debate was held October 18th, 2012 in Wolfeboro: You can watch it here.

On the Issues:

Responsive Representation - We need state representatives who are focused on the needs of our area, listen to all constituents, and will work to make your voices heard in Concord.

Jobs - We can work together to help our local economy provide more and better jobs, and serve the needs of all our citizens, including working families and small businesses.

Campaign Finance Reform - We need a Clean Elections law in our state. It is counterproductive to have a citizen legislature and then have our state senators have to raise perhaps $100,000 or even more, every two years, to win a race for a job that pays $100 a year. If we want our citizen legislature to actually represent everyone, we need to reform this system ASAP.

Health Care - we need to do all we can to improve access to affordable healthcare in our area.

Fiscal Responsibility - We need to make sure that our state budget makes sense and meets our needs efficiently, now and into the future.

Environment - We need to protect our environment, and keep NH a healthy place to live and raise children. Clean, renewable energy and good transportation planning are essential to our future.

The NH State Budget - I will be posting another piece soon about the budget.

Questions? Please send me an email, I'll be happy to answer them!

produced in-house with volunteer labor by Beverly Woods for NH State Senate